Proverbs 4:6-9

Do not forsake her, and she will keep you;
    love her, and she will guard you.
The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom,
    and whatever you get, get insight.
Prize her highly, and she will exalt you;
    she will honor you if you embrace her.
She will place on your head a graceful garland;
    she will bestow on you a beautiful crown.”

One response to “Proverbs 4:6-9

  1. This is a different requirement. It is not to just get wisdom and to hold onto it. We have to love wisdom, prize her, honor her…All this is not to just have and know the truth of God, but to prize it and apply it. If I am not using and following God’s wisdom, I can’t say that it is valuable and prized to me. There is such a difference between knowing truth and valuing it and relying on it for my life.

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