Acts 25:1-7

Three days after arriving in the province, Festus went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem, where the chief priests and the Jewish leaders appeared before him and presented the charges against Paul. They requested Festus, as a favor to them, to have Paul transferred to Jerusalem, for they were preparing an ambush to kill him along the way.Festus answered, “Paul is being held at Caesarea, and I myself am going there soon. Let some of your leaders come with me, and if the man has done anything wrong, they can press charges against him there.”

After spending eight or ten days with them, Festus went down to Caesarea. The next day he convened the court and ordered that Paul be brought before him. When Paul came in, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him. They brought many serious charges against him, but they could not prove them.


One response to “Acts 25:1-7

  1. They seem firmly convinced that they can not prove the charges or find a way to have him punished in the courts. They continue to seek to ambush him and kill him. (I am guessing the 40 committed assassins are pretty hungry by this point)

    Paul remains unconcerned. He knows God has called him to Rome and that he has a purpose there. He is not worried that man would kill him before time. Knowing God’s will and remaining convinced of it leaves us unconcerned with the schemes and plans of man.

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