Acts 21:37-40

37 As the soldiers were about to take Paul into the barracks, he asked the commander, “May I say something to you?”

“Do you speak Greek?” he replied. 38 “Aren’t you the Egyptian who started a revolt and led four thousand terrorists out into the wilderness some time ago?”

39 Paul answered, “I am a Jew, from Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no ordinary city. Please let me speak to the people.”

40 After receiving the commander’s permission, Paul stood on the steps and motioned to the crowd. When they were all silent, he said to them in Aramaic[a]:

One response to “Acts 21:37-40

  1. It is obvious the rumor machine has been running wild here. Paul is accused of being an Egyptian terrorist leading a revolt of 4,000 people.

    The lesson here is how the message can be led by motive and fervor, and not by truth. Truth can be trampled along the way because I have an agenda that is more important than His plans. I have to examine my motives, and my actions, continually, to make sure that I am not leading others astray by my pride and arrogance and supplanting what He needs to do in my life and in others.

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