Proverbs 12:22-28

22 The Lord detests lying lips,
    but he delights in people who are trustworthy.

23 The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves,
    but a fool’s heart blurts out folly.

24 Diligent hands will rule,
    but laziness ends in forced labor.

25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
    but a kind word cheers it up.

26 The righteous choose their friends carefully,
    but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

27 The lazy do not roast[a] any game,
    but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.

28 In the way of righteousness there is life;
    along that path is immortality.

One response to “Proverbs 12:22-28

  1. In the way of the righteous there is life. It does not always seem so, and the way can be hard and with peril, but God has promised joy and His hand to be on us, and we must walk and rest in faith in Him.

    Diligence, and hard work, means that our families will be fed and cared for. I live where success is easy and there is abundance. This is more about God’s grace and kindness then my diligence, yet I walk in His promises and trust they will be true in famine was well.

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