Acts 10:21-23

21 Peter went down and said to the men, “I’m the one you’re looking for. Why have you come?”

22 The men replied, “We have come from Cornelius the centurion. He is a righteous and God-fearing man, who is respected by all the Jewish people. A holy angel told him to ask you to come to his house so that he could hear what you have to say.” 23 Then Peter invited the men into the house to be his guests.


One response to “Acts 10:21-23

  1. In my cynical 21st century Christian ways, if people came up to me with this message, I would dismiss them out of hand. We wonder why we don’t hear from God, and yet we shut out His message and His messengers. Peter believed God’s message and received these men who said that they brought a message from an angel. We live in a world of fraud, darkness, and false witness, but it is our duty to be near to God and to know His voice so that we can receive His commands and know His way for us.

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