Luke 8:34-37

34 When those tending the pigs saw what had happened, they ran off and reported this in the town and countryside, 35 and the people went out to see what had happened. When they came to Jesus, they found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid. 36 Those who had seen it told the people how the demon-possessed man had been cured. 37 Then all the people of the region of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear. So he got into the boat and left.

One response to “Luke 8:34-37

  1. Their fear was from a lack of understanding. I can’t be to quick to prosecute them for this fear. Don’t we all react in fear to things that we don’t know and understand? Even within the kingdom. We first cast stones and ascribe ulterior motives. The answer in this situation was for these people to know who Christ was and to understand His mission. If they knew He had the power over men’s lives that that He was here to change lives, their fear would have been awe.

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