Acts 10:17-20

Chapter Blog

17While Peter was wondering about the meaning of the vision, the men sent by Cornelius found out where Simon’s house was and stopped at the gate. 18They called out, asking if Simon who was known as Peter was staying there.

19While Peter was still thinking about the vision, the Spirit said to him, “Simon, three[a] men are looking for you. 20So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.”

One response to “Acts 10:17-20

  1. He was dwelling on the meaning of what the Lord had showed to Him. I have been convicted over the last couple of days for not dwelling with the Lord enough. I am faithful to have my devotions and I pray all throughout the day. But I seldom listen for the voice of the Lord and simply wait in His presence.

    God gave Him direction and comfort about the men who were asking for him and looking for him. God’s guidance will come when we listen for His voice.

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