3 responses to “Ephesians 6:10-11

  1. I love how Paul tells us to be strong, and tells us how in the same verse: Be strong not in our own strength, but in the MIGHTY power of the Lord.

    He also tells us about the armor that the Lord offers and warns us that the devil will attack by tricks and schemes. If we are concerned enough to want to beat the devil, we will put on the armor and not be caught unaware by his tricks.

  2. reading this and beginning this study of the armor over the next few days, I find myself a bit disappointed that I have not spent time teaching this valuable passage of scripture to the students…I am seeking God on if this should be a series study after we finish our word study at the end of October. The armor of God is so powerful but it is just like what Rick said…we are strong only through the MIGHTY Power of the Lord!!!!!! nothing we can do will help us but the power of God actively engaged and alive in our lives!

  3. if we dont have God on our side, then we are living on our own desires..if we have God on our side, then we are putting forth an effort to live to His desires..if we are stuck in a situation, do you think that we can REALLY handle it the right way with or without God? i think if we have God on our side protecting us, then we are able to overcome obstacles rather than trying to overcome them by ourselves and failing.

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