4 responses to “Ephesians 6:1-3

  1. haha this one is a hard one for me to follow through with. my dad and i have a great relationship but my mom and i are another story..what ive learned throughout it all from my mistakes AND my moms is no matter what your mom or dad says to you show them RESPECT..if they dump on you, bring you down, tell them that they dont want nothing to do with you, their OWN CHILD dont be disrespectful but show them through your actions and responses that you have God in your heart and live and thats ALL that matters..show SELF CONTROL..even though you arent born with self control you have to learn how to use it in times of suffering. its an emotional feeling that expresses the way you really feel so it CAN be hard at times…but if you have God by your side and you let Him take over your self control then nothing can go wrong!

  2. Erica, thanks for sharing your experiences and making this passage feel extra real. This is why it is so important for us to let our lights shine into whatever darkness we find ourselves in. You may be the only light of truth that your mom has shown into her life. That is why it is so important not to question God’s choices in our lives but to accept His plan and to obey His calling so that we can draw men through the truth that shines out of our lives.

  3. I think you are right erica… that we need to show our parents respect even when they are wrong. We can’t change anyone, they have to make that decision for themselves. I have made my share of mistakes trying to argue with my dad and show him how he was wrong, when I should have just closed my mouth and took his correction. It is hard to be in those situations, especially when you feel like you are the one being wronged.

  4. let me live LONG TIME!!!!! One thing I am learning and still struggle with is respecting my momma and daddy AT WORK!!. It is tough working with your parents and having to respect them when things get a bit stressful at work because it has a tendency to carry over to our personal lives and thats where I really have to bite my tongue and respect them.

    But look how serious God is about honoring our parents, THERE IS A PROMISE ATTACHED TO THE COMMANDMENT!

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