Romans 7:15-17 Esther 8

15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17 As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.

5 responses to “Romans 7:15-17

  1. When i read the first verse it reminded me of when i was little and i got in trouble with my sister and my mom or dad used to tell me go huge your sister. I really didnt want to cause i was mad at her for what ever she had done, but it brang me and her closer with each other. We might dislike reading our bible everyday or sitting down with our parents reading devotions but little do we know it is helping us out in the long run no matter if we enjoy what we are doing or we dislike what we are doing and not everything that we do we are going to like.

  2. Sometimes its hard to do what is right to do. We make up excuses for why we arent reading our Bibles, our going to church, or talking with God, when we realize that there isnt any greater excuse. If God made time for us, the time that he watched his son suffer by being beaten and hung up on a cross, then why make silly excuses to find something “better” to do than talk to the Father who brought us here. If we make excuses for ourselves, find outlets to go a diffrent way, or just to go the way you want to go, we are just gonna put God behind us, until something bad happens and we need something in our lives. Even though it works that way for some of us, it shouldnt. We need to involve God in our lifes for the sake of his sacrifice and love for us.

  3. this shows me just how powerful sincan be in our lives…i mean how many of us can relate to this guy…we want to live with fire for God and do everything He wants but instead we sin and constantly disobey God and do the exact oppisite of what we want because we let the sin in and get a stronghold in our live…i know ive dne this a bigillion times and stupidly do it over and over and blame it on flesh but when it comes down to it we just gotta buckle down and give our al to God like we want to

  4. paul is reminding us of two truths here. first, that there is an internal battle in all of us and that even when we love Christ and want to do His will, the flesh seeks to destroy us through our sin. second, even though we have been saved from sin, there is iniquity that lives in us all. this iniquity shows itself through our lusts and tries to keep us from walking out His will for us

  5. since Rick mentioned sin and iniquity and just by chance some people come back and read this and want to know the difference is.

    Sin—the word for sin is chatta’ah (or sometimes chata’). Chatta’ah almost always refers to an action
    Iniquity—The word “iniquity” (‘avon in Hebrew) is used to express how a human heart is not holy–not set apart, not perfect, not godly.

    Sin and Iniquity


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    Q: What is the difference between sin and iniquity?

    A: The words, sin and iniquity, are found together in some form in about 70 verses in the Bible. Many times they are used parallel to one another, as in Psalm 38:18 – “For I will declare mine iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin.” Although we can be certain that they are synonyms and have the same basic meaning, there must also be something that distinguishes them. Let us consider these two words.

    The word, sin, is the most general term for those actions which are wrong. One word picture looks at sin as missing the mark. If we think of this in the terms of an archer shooting for a bull’s eye in a target, this may give us a good idea of the meaning of sin. He may overshoot the target. We do that when we go beyond God’s allowed actions and commit what are commonly called sins of commission. That is, we do something we are not supposed to do. However, the arrow may also fall short of the mark. This would be a picture of sins of omission. This refers to the things we should have done but fail to do. The arrow might even go to the right or to the left of the target, but we are to follow God’s word without turning from it to the right hand or the left hand (Joshua 1:7). Therefore, anything that comes short of the perfect glory of God (the center of the target) is sin (Romans 3:23). Sin covers all wrong doing of any sort.

    In many places, iniquity also seems to be a word dealing with all kinds of sin. However, with iniquity, there is a difference. First of all, whereas sin deals with the action or lack of action that is wrong, iniquity deals more with the character or nature of the act. The word, iniquity, comes from in-equity and it refers to that which is unequal, unfair, or unjust. That explains why David in Psalm 32:5 refers to “the iniquity of my sin.” His sinful actions had the character of iniquity; of being unequal.

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