Romans 7:7-11 Esther Chapter 6

7 What shall we say, then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! Indeed I would not have known what sin was except through the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “Do not covet.” 8 But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of covetous desire. For apart from law, sin is dead. 9 Once I was alive apart from law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died. 10 I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death. 11 For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death.

6 responses to “Romans 7:7-11

  1. I think that theses verses are tryin to say is that sometimes we do things that me might know is wrong but to God it is wrong. We didnt realize it till it kind of smacked us in the forhead and got our attention and then we finally listened and noticed that what we are doing to ourselves is bringing us deeper and deeper in the hole.

  2. I think it is talking about to me that the Bible is comparing the law of the world and the law of God (ten commandments). It’s like it falls back on the commandments and how it we should follow them and that if we do follow them we can have a great life but when we don’t it is like bring death to us.

  3. These verses can best be explained by the story in the Garden of Adam and Eve. Neither Adam or Eve were particularly drawn to the tree of knowledge until God showed them the tree and told them that they could not eat of it. After this “law”, this definition of right and wrong, they were drawn to it and lusted over it until the serpent convinced them to eat it.

    The law is what lays out God’s plan and design to us and sets our boudaries. After our flesh is told what it can not have, the natural reaction of the flesh is to want and pursue that which it has been forbidden.

  4. i think what this is sayin is that this guy was sright told what to do and what not to do…but he just went on and since he knew what was right and wrong he was tempted t do the bad more than the good…ut i mean its human nature to rebel so i cant say im any better than him bc i do my fair share of that

  5. Ryan read my bulletin post on Myspace…what was the key word 😉

    Well said Whitimus Rickimus…Its just like when you are told not to have the cookie before dinner or you cant go see that movie, you now desire even more to do the very thing you cannot do, why—because your flesh is selfish and wants to be in control and when you are instructed, shown right from wrong, you are no longer in control and the flesh naturally wants to rebel.

  6. To me this is talking about how we sin and the outcome of it. If we sin, and repent, and show God in our hearts who we are really trying to be and who we are trying to follow(in this case Him) then we are dying eternally with Him. Those who sin and sin and dont even care, where are they going in life? Deffinately not the way God is trying to direct them so they are gonna eventually struggle. Even as believers, we struggle, but we have God there to help us through it.

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