John 19:1-3 Numbers 17

1 Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. 2 The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe 3 and went up to him again and again, saying, “Hail, king of the Jews!” And they struck him in the face.

5 responses to “John 19:1-3

  1. this pretty much is were they start the process of beating and torturing jesus..umm i never really did understand why they gave him a purple robe, but they do know that he is a jew..he isnt just king of the jews, he is king of everything..didnt they know that??

    did they know/believe he was the one christ sent from heaven to have to go through this or did they just pick him for no reason?? because to me it seems weird that they would pick just anyone out of all the people and they picked jesus..or maybe they knew that he believed that is what god told him to do and they are just mocking him for it.

  2. The soldiers represent the ruling power of the day. Remember that the Jews were living under the rule of the Romans and hoping that Jesus was the King who would overthrow the Romans and free them in the natural sense.

    I never saw this before, but these soldiers probably had personal animosity toward Jesus because the Jews had been tauting them about Christ’s power and His ability to do miracles. They had probably been telling the Romans that this was their prophesied king who was coming to overthrow the ROmans. So the soldiers were intimidated and scared until they had Him captive and beat and now they are humiliating Him to prove that they are in power over Him and the Jews.

    So, not only did Jesus die to pay for our sin, He suffered and died for our ignorance. Our refusing to see and accept the truth carried a price and He was the one to pay the price. We still cause damage and pain by not recognizing the truth and accepting it today. There is a price for this ignorance as well. Are your unsaved friends going to have to pay the bill for your refusal to accept God’s plan and His truth?

  3. Great point Rick about studying and recognizing the history and the actual situation of what we are reading…sometimes in our studies of scripture, we have to recognize and understand the culture and the times…when we fully understand this, we have a better insight and view of what is going on…

    IN studying this…I was curious about why flogging…I know it was a punishment back then so i did a google and to my amazement…Deut 25:1-3 states if someone is to be punished they can be beaten no more than 40 times…and this is what happened to Christ…Interested to find out if the romans just inacted the Jewish custom to satisfy their desires because when we read tomorrow Pilate brings him back out to present to the people and be like see…I did as your Law states according to Deut 25:1-3

    Interesting thing i read about the crowns…one of commentators compared it to the type of people that Jesus was going to be surround by during his crucifixion, wicked, twisted and mean individuals who were out to cause pain and discomfort. Another Interesting thing that came to mind about the thorns…in a parable Jesus refers to thorns choking the life out of things being planted…By Jesus taking the thorns upon his head, I can see where this gives us victory over those things that will try to choke the life out of us.

  4. Erica to answer your question about the robe is that back in ancient times purple was a color of royalty. The purple dye came from a special type of shellfish from the med sea….only rich people could really afford it. and this was just another way for them to mock him about king of the jews.

    One major thing that i think gets kinda overlooked in this book of the bible is Jesus getting beaten and chastised…. we know him dyin on the cross is what wipes us clean but we cant also forget that he was beaten and had lashings all over his body for our sins. Thats why even though it is a controversial movie the passion really goes in to how bad Jesus endured for us. All that really comes to mind is amazing grace how sweet the sound that ssaved a wretch like me. thank you jesus

  5. If any of you guys get a chance to read the book “The Robe” by Lloyd C. Douglas, it is a great book. It is a semi-fictional account of the trial, crucifixion and following Jesus’ resurrection from the viewpoint of a Roman soldier. The Roman soldiers who were there also had personal animosity towards all Jews because being sent to Judea, far away from Rome was considered a punishment and demotion if you will. So they were already angry and spoiling for a fight just for being there, and took every opportunity to strike back at the Jews whom they saw as the whole reason they had to come to this god-forsaken place. Hope this background and history helps make this more real for some of you.

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