John 16:1-3 2 Samuel 13

1 “All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. 2 They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. 3 They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.

7 responses to “John 16:1-3

  1. Because we are followers of Christ the worlds hates us for the purpose we are set out to do. in the scripture Jesus is giving us fair warning that we may be frowned upon by the world but he tells us in advice so we do not try to drift from him because it was unexpected. The world and unsaved people in the world will do such things to Christians because they do not the the Father.

  2. 2 things on this passage. First, as Philly said, Jesus has given us fair warning that we will be rejected and persecuted by the world. And our source of strength to get through it is the Word of God.
    Second, He said that some will think they are doing good by persecuting us. This is exactly what we see in Saul before he accepted Jesus and became Paul. He thought he was serving God by persecuting Christians. It’s amazazing how accurate the words of Jesus are.

  3. yesterday’s scripture talked of how the Holy Spirit was coming to be with the believers, and to guide them, and today Jesus warns us that there will be persecution and that those who do not know Him will strongly oppose the purposes and the statutes of God. We see this so strongly in today’s society, those who do not know or acknowledge God are the ones who often times make the rules (ie, abortion, God in school, Greenpeace, political correctness, etc.)

  4. what is being spoken of here is a new level of deceit that is fathered by satan. He is able to currupt to the degree that people will think they are pleasing God by serving satan.

    but notice what the protection is from this deceit, He says that those who do not know Him are deceived, those who know Him can refute the lies of satan

  5. Jesus is speaking through these three verses. What Jesus is saying that someone will put you with a synagogue. So you won’t go astray for some odd reason. If someone tries to kill you, they will think you are a offering to the service of Christ. Everyone is a offering to Christ. You don’t have to be killed to be a offering in the service of Christ. You being alive is a offering. A offering spreading the word that Christ made. We should help by being a offering and help the others spead the word that Christ our lord and Savior made.

  6. I read this and I thought about the deception people have when they blow up abortion clinics, scream and boycott gay parades yelling crazy mean slogans and situations like that…They think they are doing a good thing for God but the truth is they are going against God…

    We have to be careful not to be deceived that we know what GOd wants and try to be His spokesperson, publicist or we act on His will.

    Studying this…The Jews had made a law that if anyone confessed Jesus they would be put out…well who are they to make Laws…here these guys are trying to speak for God.

    Anyone else find it kind of interesting that Jesus says this to us so we wont be led astray…Umm…most would think,…woooo you are telling me if I serve you I can count on all of this to happen…Many would be running to the hills…But I think about this…I have had both knees operated on…the first time, nobody really shared with me the pain I would experience afterwards or that I had a numbing agent in my leg that would dull pain but eventually would wear off…well I didnt take pain meds cuz it didnt hurt, but then the numbing agent wore off and well I WAS HURTING…here is my point…well when I had my 2nd surgery, I knew what to expect, how to feel and was prepared to face it why…because I knew I had to have the operation and I would be better because of it…So knowing what I was getting into prepared m on how to deal with the pain and so forth…hopefully all that rambling made sense.

  7. When I read this, I thought about what non-believers see in Christ. If they know him, if they dont, if they WANT to try and get to know Christ, and something or someone is holding them down…just things like that.

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