John 15:26-27 2 Samuel 12

26 “When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me. 27 And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.

7 responses to “John 15:26-27

  1. This says to me that, When he comes hes gonna ask you about how your walk with him is going and how it started.but hes gonna testify bout his father and we are gonnado the same

  2. Our relationship with God, is the most important thing that should really be effecting our lifes, and really pushing us to grow more like him. Some people could care less about God, maybe not even know who he is…those are the ones that will be living eternally in hell, while those who love God, and know who he is, will live with Christ eternally in heaven.

    I strongly believe that verse 27 is speaking to all believers. No matter how far in our walk with God we are, we should always be able to stand strong against those things that may be pushing us down and only the real way to stand up to that person or thing, is God. He is the only one that can keep us standing strong, he is the only one that knows every little thing about yourself, he is the only one that has the power to change anyone in the world, he is the only one you can really depend on 100 percent of the time who will never judge you for what you’ve done or who you are…he will love us no matter what.

  3. In this passage it says God will testify about Christ because of the relationship they have. And Christ asks us to testify because we also have a relationship with Him. So by testifying it will strengthen that relationship we have.

  4. When you look at several versions and commentaries, verse 26 says that the Spirit comes and is literally the spirit, or essence of God. When God’s spirit is defined, when it comes to dwell with us, the part of His character that is predominately mentioned is TRUTH. Not only truth in its denotative (sp?) meaning of “honesty” but that God, His plan, His purpose, and His way are TRUTH, or literally, the only way. Anything that is oppsed to God, or the witness of HIs Spirit, is not truth, or is a lie and is of the deceiver.

    That was really powerful and deep to me and I have never seen that before. It is just a confirmation of the fact that as often as we come to CHrist with expectant hearts, He will teach us.

  5. When God sends something or someone to tell us about christ we should spread it. Like Ronnie was talkin about 2 wednesdays ago that the word needs to be spread out of the four walls that we go in on a day to day bases.

  6. this one is really giving me a hard time but the first thing that came to m mind was that we are strengthened b our testimonies…idk y but i cant get that outta my head when i read this so i figured it must be important enough to write down…well i willl write morelater bc thats honestly the only thing i can clinch my thoughts on

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