John 7:31-33 Hebrews 11

31 Still, many in the crowd put their faith in him. They said, “When the Christ comes, will he do more miraculous signs than this man?” 32 The Pharisees heard the crowd whispering such things about him. Then the chief priests and the Pharisees sent temple guards to arrest him. 33 Jesus said, “I am with you for only a short time, and then I go to the one who sent me.

7 responses to “John 7:31-33

  1. I think it’s interesting that the Jews seem to be concerned only with miracles and physical things when they talk about the Messiah. It’s always “Do a miracle,” or , “Show us a sign so we believe You.” I’m gonna go research and look at the prophesies concerning the Messiah and see what they said, so know where the Jews were coming from when they were looking for Christ.

    Do you think they Jews were only tallying wonders? He who does the most miracles gets the title? I’ll be back later!

  2. many people believed Christ but they were hesitant with their response.they didn’t really understand that he was the messiah the jus thought he was there to perform miracles. some people reacted to the chief priests and pharisees and when they realized that they made the attempted arrest official.Jesus’ response was kind of a hint that his death was coming. but time Gods timing had not come just yet.

  3. i think that this is talking about when god sent jesus to die for us. i think jesus was telling them that he knew what was gonna happen(but idk if the ppl knew). anyways. i think jesus was telling them that bc even though he knew what was gonna take place i think that he was letting them know that he was making that choice to die for us. he didnt HAVE to but he chose to for us.

  4. Matt Isaiah 35:5-6 will begin your search for prophecy 😀

    vs 32—they were whispering–sometimes they are outspoken and now they are whispering–do you think because they were afraid cuz the Jews may turn on them and want to kill them because they began to believe in the one they wanted to KILL.

    How many times in our walks have we whispered about our relationship with Jesus because of the people around us because they would mock us, turn on us, etc if they heard us talking about Christ? just wondering 😀


  5. Even though this scripture says that many in the crowd put their faith in Him, they still did not recognize who He was. The were still living in the future, when the Messiah would come. They didnt recognize His presence in their lives right then. This reminds me of the many times that stuff happens and instead of looking for the spiritual application, we just think that it is someone’s fault, someone has it in for us, someone is mean and jealous of us, whatever. Do me a favor and go read Rick’s post from last night.

  6. vs 31 speaks about the heart of the God-man. He knew that He was coming to be hated and to be killed. Yet, He also knew that He was the only one who could fulfill the will of the Father. In the midst of this feast, where people were seeking to arrest Him and kill Him, “many in the crowd put their faith in Him”. He truly came to save and to build a bridge to the Father.

  7. I feel like verse 31 is saying that while the people believed that was Jesus was saying was the truth, they did not realize that He was actually Jesus. THey believed in Jesus and who He was but did not recognize that the Man Jesus was talking about was Himself.

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