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1 The elder, 2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.  NIV

1 The Elder, To the beloved Gaius, whom I love in truth: 2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

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  1. God wishes the best on us…and even though we get older not let our soul get older but kinda keep it young in God still wanting to know more about Him even in older age….i guess thas what it meant but i think this verse was directed more to”elders”…….

  2. even when all seems right u should still pray. praying is not just something you do when you need something or are sick. its for happy things also. or praying that u stay healthy. that everything remains good.

  3. ok srry i havent blogged in awhile
    but i only can do this one tho k…

    our flesh may become all wrinkily and eww but our soul should be as young as ever
    fresh and pure before the Lord!
    PEACE ♥ & DINOZ!

  4. I think thsi scriptiure means that we are to go alone with life and that God wishes us the best of life♥And that even as we get older we are always young in God!He loves us no matter what and i think thats unbelieveable…

  5. I think this verse is saying even though people get older on the outside their soul is still the same, always on fire for God like it was 30 years ago or something our love never changes for God if it does it just gets better.

  6. hes sayin that even though we grow old we can still prosper just as our soul does…cause even though we grow old and wrinkly and tired our soul can be as young as ever if we continue to seek after God

  7. John starts this letter off as he did with his second letter 2 John 1:1…the truth he loves in is the truth of the Gospel…He loves these men/women because of Christ and the Love of Christ in him…A bit off the scriptures…when was the last time you wrote an encouraging letter to a believer..??? These letters were written to encourage, correct believers in the faith…do you write letters? I Bet you do—emails, myspace comments, etc…but the question is, our they encouraging each other in their faith??? Think about that…When was the last time you really encouraged someone in their walk with God, saw them do something and let them know you saw it…??? YOu following me..?? that’s what these letters we are studying are all about…

    Ok now for some study- in verse 2 John refers to three things, success in your everyday life—that is whatever you put your hand to…whether it be your job or your service…let it be great let it be successful, the second thing is their physical bodies…that it too would be strong…John is letting them know that without a healthy body, they cant enjoy the prosperous life God has for them, and lets be honest, you all have friends and dont you want them to be successful and healthy? OF COURSE the third thing he refers to is their soul- “even as they soul prospers” John is letting Gaius, his friend, that he prays that they are successful and healthy after they have ensured that their soul aka relationship with the Lord is growing and prospering…Basically John is saying this…however strong your relationship with God is, I pray that your success and your healt just as strong…make sense? Hope so…

    You guys know I love you but its always good to study a lil deeper than you are…Most of you have done this enough to know that their is more to the scriptures than just what you read…Go back and read each others post, read Rick, Esther, Amy and my posts…Do word studies…pick out a word, go define it through a concordance a dictionary and see if you can go DEEPER…much love…Please pray for Bo…seems to have a stomach bug and is throwing up and sick…

  8. When you are spiritually living well your physical health improves as well. When we obey God’s word we live longer and healthier lives…just ask PK about it.

  9. This scripture, as well as some others, really is better understood by using the NKJV translation. The “elder” here is the Apostle John, who is writing to his friend Gaius, whom he was talking about coming to visit soon. He prays blessings of good health and prosperity in his life on his friend. This is the unselfish, humble, lifting-others-up kind of love that we should desire to have towards our friends as well.

  10. I still don’t think the purpose of the blog is: “What I think this verse is saying”….. Like Ron said, we have to go a little deeper. You need to receive what the Spirit has for you. It is the Spirit’s giving of understanding that will grow you, not the first thing that pops into your head when you take 30 seconds to read the verse. I say this in love, some of you were very far off in your posts and it is evident that you are not STUDYING, you are only POSTING.

    JG points out that many of life’s blessings are built on top of good health. What are long days without health? What are great friendships without the ablility to enjoy them. What is a gorgeous sunset if you are blind and confined to a bed. Pray and bless others with the blessing of good health and make sure that you constantly thank God for the mercy of good health.

    In verse 2, JG says that the soul is prosperous, or healthy, because a soul burdened with sin is diseased. When you are called and washed, the soul is rid of the cancer and becomes clean or healthy. Then, the soul grows in the knowledge of the Lord and desires the milk of the word. These are signs of growth and good health. What is the health of your soul?

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