James 2:6-7

6 But you have insulted the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court? 7 Are they not the ones who are slandering the noble name of him to whom you belong?

 And yet, you insult the poor man! Isn’t it the rich who oppress you and drag you into court? 7 Aren’t they the ones who slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear?  NLT

But you have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts? 7 Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are called?  NKJV

7 responses to “James 2:6-7

  1. i think hes saying we are taking the poor for granted and that the higher in fame and fortune are the ones that we need to be dealing with…not our brothers and sisters but those that are slandering us and our God

  2. I would like to think of my past as a learning experience. I was such a loser so that none of you will have to be. With that in mind I have a story to go with this scripture. I was one lost individual. When you are lost there are things that you think are important, for example money. I did not want to hang out with people that did not have money because I felt like their ‘poorness’ would rub off on me. I felt like having nothing was a disease and it was contagious. I felt that if I surrounded myself with people who had money someone how their ‘wealthiness’ would rub off. Maybe I could be somebody. But the people I surrounded myself with were selfish, enough was never enough. They were mean and hateful. Then the most amazing thing happened to me. I went from living in a big house in Fayetteville, NC to living in a small farm house in Sylvania, GA. There was no money, no friends, and a lot of time. For the first time in my life I was poor. I learned who I really was, not who I was trying to be. I learned that there are some people who never realize that being poor is not a disease, and how truly silly that sounds. I also learned how easy it is to misjudge someone by their appearance, whats on the outside. Some of the most gorgeous people I have ever met are completely revolting on the inside. And some of the most revolting looking people I have ever meet, in God’s eyes are gorgeous. It’s all about perspective….once you’ve been knocked down the fear of being knocked down isn’t so intense. Your faith is increased when you know that God provides through everything. He is your creator and would never abandon His creation. Someone gave me a CD a long time ago. There is a song on it that describes how worthless worldly possessions are…..
    You’re Not My God lyrics
    It’s just a piece of paper, it says, “In God We Trust”
    A little sure felt good
    But a lot was not enough
    And everybody loved me when I was on a roll
    And I thought I had everything
    When I held the gold

    But you’re not my god
    And you’re not my friend
    You’re not the one that I will walk with in the end
    You’re not the truth
    You’re a temporary shot
    You ruin people’s lives and you don’t give a second thought
    You’re not my god

    Little white lies on a mirror
    Cut neatly in a row
    Medicine that kept me from lookin’ in my soul
    I thought you were the answer
    To all of my despair
    And you almost had me six feet down
    But I’m still breathin’ air

    ‘Cause you’re not my god
    And you’re not my friend
    You’re not the one that I will walk with in the end
    You’re not the truth
    You’re a temporary shot
    You ruin people’s lives and you don’t give a second thought
    You’re not my god

    From the cradle to the grave
    Temptations all around
    But no matter how good the fix
    It’s gonna take you down
    Now some call it a weakness
    Some call it a sin
    But it’s all the same behind each game
    I see your evil grin

    But you’re not my god
    And you’re not my friend
    You’re not the one that I will walk with in the end
    You’re not the truth
    You’re a temporary shot
    You ruin people’s lives and you don’t give a second thought

  3. By insulting the poor we think of ourselves better than them, thinking we can tell them what to do just because they’re poor, but we think about Christ and He was reaching out to the poor more than the rich because the rich thought they were to good for that. And then it says the rich exploit us, or to use us. And I’m not completely sure what they would be using us for, but I guess for anything. But if we believe in God and love Him why would we want to be with the rich if all they want to do is slander God and I guess its because they think they’re better, but today rich people think they can buy they’re way into Heaven, but when they die and face God they’re going to have a serious reality check.

  4. First thing that came to my mind is this…If we show favortism to the rich and give them the good seats and disregard the poor, dont you think the rich guy/gal is going to do the same thing to us…I mean…If we look down on those less than us…whats gonna stop those that have “more” than us from looking down on us…ok now for the study.

    Another thought that comes to mind was a huge movement after Christ’s resurrection and it was the selling of everything that you had and giving to the church so they could feed the poor, widows orphans…etc…So what I’m thinkin here is this…1) why were these rich people who were Christians not selling their possessions and humbling themselves and 2) were the Christians that were falling head over heels for them and trying to woo them for their money 3) were they jealous of what they had and wanted something from them…????

  5. Wow. God hit me with a powerful thought here. The circumstances in this verse were happening to the Jews on two levels.

    1) They were living under the rule of the Romans and the wealthy were the rulers. The Romans treated the Jews as slaves and second class citizens and only allowed them to practice their faith as a way to control them and to keep them from rioting. The Romans blashphemed the name and belief of Christ and yet the Jews looked up to them and favored them for their wealth.

    2) In the Jewish faith there were leaders who were manipulating the Jews and becoming wealthy off the exploitation of their faith. Yet the Jews followed these leaders when they chose to blaspheme the Son of God and murder Him. They looked up to these people because of their status and wealth and chose to ignore the son of a carpenter because He did not come to them as a King to overthrow the Romans.

    Now, as an application to our group. Who is is that teens look up to for their wealth, and status even though they blaspheme the name of Christ with their words and by their actions?


    Who is it that we think is a little odd and out of touch?

    -Kids sold out to God
    -People who are poor or fat but love to worship God

    Seems like things haven’t changed so much since God told James to write this book.

  6. PS. Just got in from work at 2:40am and had to post. Don’t let little things in your life stand in the way. I will sleep better tonight because of the awesome thoughts that God gave to me and because I know I was obedient. He will more than make up for the 15-20 mins of sleep I missed because of studying.

    Peace and Love,


  7. I really liked Ron’s comment on the people who are “higher” or whatever than us stepping on us when someone more acceptable comes in the room. Arent we glad that God doesnt do that to us–that when Rick comes to post that God doesnt say “ok, esther, times up. Rick’s here to talk to me and he’s got much more spiritual things to say than you, so I would rather talk to him. See ya later–maybe!!!”

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