1 John 3:6

No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.

2 responses to “1 John 3:6

  1. This term “lives in” is used elsewhere in the Bible to describe the branch living in the tree. The branch depends on the tree for water and food and only grows healthy and strong with the nutrients it received from the tree. Anything else that comes on the branch is foreign and can cause it to wither and die. This is how we are to be with Christ. We don’t look to other entertainments, relationships, and situations for fulfillment. We get our purpose from our relationship with Christ and we grow because of that.

    The last part of the verse separates those who make verbal professions from those who understand a relationship with Christ. When you have truly seen Christ in a relationship, you can’t continue to live in willing and perpetual sin.

  2. I like how Rick showed how this verse goes deeper than living for Christ…its recognizing that life is Christ…the story of the branch and the tree shows that the branch derives its life and substance from the tree…The branch cannot be separate…and we too cannot be separate from Christ if we desire to live…

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