2 responses to “1 John 3:5

  1. John again is letting us know that sin and Christ have no part of each other…to be a part of one is to be exclude from the other…He proves this point because of Christ’s purity and holiness…I think the biggest obstacle in the lives of Christians and Non-Christians is the choice to do what is right or do what they want…That is always the battle, God nature or the sin nature…as Christians we need to set the example as Christ set the example for us by denying our selfish nature…our desire to do what feels good, to do what we want…and give it over to God…Christ gave up his authority and place in heaven to die a death so we can have our freedom and salvation…we too need to lay down our life so we can give an example of freedom and salvation to others.

  2. One thing that is amazing about Jesus as our sacrifice is the thought that He had no sin of His own.

    There are two types of sin: inherited and actual. Our inherited sin is our curse for being part of the Adamic line and this sin alone will send us to Hell. On top of that you add our actual sin, the sins that we ourselves take part in. These also would separate us from God and send us to Hell without the blood of Christ.

    But in Christ, there was no sin of any kind. He didn’t inherit sin because of His immaculate inception, and He was perfect throughout His life and had no actual sin of His own. These two factors made Him the perfect blood sacrifice for our sins. The depth of His perfectness allows you to understand the distance that mankind had been separated from the Father, and that thought makes the image of His sacrifice so much more beatiful.

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