1 John 3:2

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

5 responses to “1 John 3:2

  1. When I read this I take it as we are now (currently possess the position now) children of God. We do not need to wait to receive this. When we are born again in Spirit we become children not born of man but of God and are His children. John tells us that in his gospel.

    But this verse also shows that that is not the completion of what God has planned for us. We see he has a plan when John says “what we will be” showing that there is more that God will do in us. We will know when God has achieved his works in us when he comes again because, when he comes, he would have transformed us into the image of Christ.

    As I was reading this I could not help but think of MercyMe song “I can only imagine” because when we finally get to see God as He is I don’t think there is anyway we can prepare or know what to expect. I can say how beautiful it will be and how happy I will be but honestly I have no idea how much the full presence of God will impact me. It’s that awesome!

  2. ok…. i think that this means that we are not done being what God wants us and has purposed for us and like the one dude up there said when we are born into God we aren’t children of the world we are GODS CHILDREN and god has a devine purpose for our lives and i can’t wait to be what he has made me to be.

  3. John had seen Jesus in all His glory and knew the promises given to Christians that we will be like Him because we are His children. We are only given a small peek at Heaven in the Bible, I think that is because it will be so many times more beautiful and glorious it’s impossible to describe.

  4. We know that we are God’s children but John is letting us know that we truly do not know what that exactly means…For example, I know that Bill Gates is a billionaire and that there is that much money in the world, but I cannot grasp the concept of having that much money…So, simply put…To believe is what thing, but to be able to fully comprehend what you believe is another…and the time when we will fully comprehend is when we leave these earthly bodies and are transformed into our God like bodies Phil 3:21 by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body

  5. Several thoughts come to mind here. In the last verse, John was telling us to try to imagine our position as God’s sons. Here he is telling us that we appear now as mortal, fallen men, but in Heaven we will be announced as the Sons of God, shown to our mansions, and be given glorified bodies.

    Also, we see, and are seen with the imputed righteousness that is given to us by Christ’s death. In Heaven, in the future, we will be fully justified and be seen with the rigteousness and glory that comes with our perfected bodies.

    Please try to dig deep on these versed and don’t just grab the surface meaning of the words. If you don’t understand something, post a question and let someone answer it.

    “Grow in grace, and in the KNOWLEDGE of the Lord”

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