1 John 3:1

1 How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.  NIV

1. Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!* Therefore the world does not know us,+ because it did not know Him. NKJV

8 responses to “1 John 3:1

  1. well….he loves us soo much he calls us his children and no matter what we all are but there are children that want to be his children and some that are not and the reason the world does not know us and understand us is because they didn’t know or understand Jesus !

  2. Think about it God is so awesome he’s the one who created the heaven and earth and his love is so great he sent his son to die for us so he could call us his children

  3. To me this means How great is God to call us his children!And that is what we are Gods children!The world does not call us Gods children because the world does not know God!God have instored luv in us and we should let it shine on others!God cares so much about us even though we sin he still calls us “HIS CHILDREN!”♥

  4. The universe is vast and endless and impossible to comprehend all of it, this is the same with God’s Love. He could have destroyed this creation with one word but instead so many times He spared us(Noah and the Flood). He calls us His children with such great love, we have accepted Him and are starting to learn about Him but those who have chosen to deny Him can not know Him and because He is in us they can not know us.

  5. first thing that comes to mind is Royalty…and if you have ever seen anyone from Royalty…they have nothing but the best…so a royalty as a prince, there is nothing my king wouldnt do for me, nothing he wouldnt provide, no need he wouldnt meet.

    Then the word used in the NKJV is Behold…to me that is an announcement, a declaration, a call…it is a word used to grab everyones attention and that an important message is about to be given…I believe John is letting us know that what he is about to say is of most importance and something we truly need to hear, accept and respond to.

    Finally the world doesnt know us…they dont know of the privilege, honor, joy of being royalty because they dont know the king and that we are heirs to his kingdom…the god of this world, satan, has blinded them, so they are blind not only to Christ but to our glorious inheritance.

  6. its saying that we are the children of God and how amazing it is that we get that title for ourselves. we know how amazing it is but no one else does because they dont know him…its like if you were the children of the french king but nobody knew who he is then your titlte would be meaningless to everyone around you…so we have to be proud of our title and let everyone know that God has given us this title even though we didnt deserve it

  7. I don’t think we need yet another description of the whole verse. I think sometimes it’s important to think about one thing in particular. Like Ron did, i want to focus on the word Behold. I thik this is a very good word to use there, because, again liek Ron said, it calls attention to what immediately follows it. Reading this verse as a Christian, it is easy to see that God loves us enough to call us His children and that the mutual love between us and God is what the world doesn’t understand. But, i also think that the word ‘Behold’ is great to use in the case that the UN-beleiver is reading this. It draws attention to the fact that God has ‘lavished’ his love on us, that He calls us His children and that we are seperate from the rest of the world because of our personal relationship with Him. The use of ‘Behold’ makes the verse stand out and have emphasis, drawing beleivers and unbeleivers alike to wonder about the great love that God has shown us.

  8. This verse is written for the beleiver and is a challenge to them. When John says to behold the manner of love, he is saying to look and consider. How is it that we can see something that the world can’t, it is by the Spirit that we possess and they don’t. So by faith, we are to see (spiritually) that which the world can’t because of their spiritual blindness. And what we are to look at or dwell upon, is the grace that has caused us to be called the sons of God. This is not speaking of the earthly term of “Christian”, but literally of the position we have before God as sons and heirs. When Satan comes to the throne to accuse us, God looks at us and sees us as His adopted Sons, co-heirs with the God-Man, and rebukes Satan for accusing one of God’s sons.

    This takes amazing faith to see and to consider, but when we can grasp this, the full weight of our salvation, and the grace the brings it, will become real to us and cause us to glorify the Son whose death made it possible.

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