1 John 2:29

If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him.

4 responses to “1 John 2:29

  1. its just basically saying that since God is righteous then if we are of him then we do what is right or we at least we should be doing what is right

  2. If u know that God is Holy,the Lord of Lords and the most righteous of them all and u know what is right and wrong then God is born in us!

  3. This verse could become a trap that a false teacher could lead you into. There is a clear distinction between those who do righteous acts so that they may become justified, and those who are justified because of their faith and do righteous acts because they are regenerate. This latter is the person that John is referring to.

    The paraphrase would be:

    Since ye know that Christ is righteousness, then you know that everyone who walks out their faith by doing righteous acts because of their inner love is truly of Christ.

  4. I remember sitting in a college class one day and a professor taught me something that I have always remember and its actually a part of the discipleship aspect of COFY…it goes like this

    When I hear, I forget
    When I See, I remember
    When I understand, I Do

    John is almost showing you a little formula to help your relationshp with God…if you understand God and his Holiness, you will do what it takes to be like him…and how do you begin to understand God and his holiness…

    3 easy ways:
    reading and studying the scripture
    fellowship with believers…

    until you begin to understand, you will never do anything…

    Until you understood 2+2=4, you couldnt do anymore math, but now that you have learned that, you can do more with it…

    hope that makes sense.

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