1 John 2:5

But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: NIV

But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. KJV

5 responses to “1 John 2:5

  1. Obedience is key! We show our love by what we do. Just as Christ showed his love on the cross (by doing something), we show ours by what we do. It is his word that will do this for us. Paul tells us in Romans 2 that it is not those who hear the law who are righteous, but those who obey that will be declared righteous. However still we have to see that it is not our works that give us righteousness. It is obedience to God and recieving his word. It is Christ in us that makes us righteous. And when Christ is in us we in return know that we are in Him.

  2. if you are obediant to someone then you are either being forced…God dosent force us to love him so in this case you choose to obey meaning you are in complete submission to him…if we obey then we are in Him so therefore we are in him,he is love,we are him,he loves us we have love

  3. Christ love for us led him to be obedient to the Father in order that we may be saved…the same should be the same for us…If we love someone we are faithful to them and the things they say or ask of us…therefore our love is perfected, it is made complete through obedience…

  4. This word here for “keep” is not exclusive to the translation of “obey”. Think of it also as: When Nick goes to Iraq and writes Merry, she “keeps” the words (letters) he sends her and dwells on them and they “keep” her until they are together again. This proves her love for him and demonstrates that her profession of love for him is not oral only.

    So also we prove our love for Christ when we take the word He left for us and “keep” them in our hearts and let them change us. This is true proof that we love the author and is of much more value than a public profession.

    **Here is a thought: If love is a “fruit” given by the Spirit, should we commend people for their love of Christ, or has God chosen them to be filled with love and demonstrate that love so that His Son can be glorified? Thoughts?

  5. good point rick i like how you said “keep” and how when we keep we dwell on it. I hope I’m understanding correctly. To keep is something we recieve and hang on to and something meaningful to us or it would not really be kept. We can obey but not dwell on it’s meaning or purpose. We can go through the motions but understanding why we do it and remembering that makes a difference. So thanks good point.

    I didnt think about how as we “obey” we can begin to build up pride and compare it to others and in that make it more of “oh i’m more obedient than him or her” and that takes away from the whole purpose of obeying out of love and to glorify God. We are told to never boast about our works but only in the cross. One verse I love is in Luke 17:10 it says “Then when you have done all those things commanded you to do say we are unprofitable servents we did what was our duty to do.”

    good message …got me thinking.

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